Novel almost there and Buggin’ Book Companies

The Calling Series: The Made. Almost done, says the editor. We have seven (7) more chapters left to edit, which should be completed by the end of November. And also around that time, the first coloring of the book should be done. $700 for the Editor and $400 for the Book Cover. And it has been worth it!

I’m just so excited about my first printed novel and can’t wait to see it in paper-back form. Perhaps LuLu or CreateSpace just to start off and get my feet wet. No initial upfront cost to me, from what I understand from online research, but I’ll let you know when I get into that process.

You know, I put inquiries in for Xlibris and Author House and they don’t give up when you tell them you’re no longer interested. My goodness. Especially Xlibris, who keeps calling about new “deals” for my book. Not to mention the emails that keep coming even after I replied and said I was no longer interested. I guess that’s good a salesperson for ya. Don’t take no for an answer. But it’s buggin’!

So, think twice about given these people your email and phone number. They will definitely harass you to death. That makes me think again that it’s the author’s money that make them profitable, and not readers.

They say they can advertise and send out book promotional packages for you, and all of these things, but I wonder if the companies, or people they send this information to, become numb. Do they see another Xlibris envelope and just put it aside as just another promotional item and stick it on the slush pile? Makes me wonder if anyone ever got someone’s attention with one of these companies speaking for them. You never can say never. I’m sure there are people out there who have worked with these companies and have done great. I just see a big WARNING! flash every time I hear their message about another “great deal.”

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