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The Made is here!

So I ordered a copy of my book from LuLu. I’ve made it private so only I could see it. Unfortunately, I had to pay $19.77 for it ($13.64 for the book and $6.13 for shipping). I changed my royalty to $0.0 (zero), so I wouldn’t be paying myself back my own money. But the price… $19.77, even with out royalty. That’s just so high. And for me to get any royalty would make it even higher. Sigh. Even I wouldn’t want to pay for a book for THAT much.

What to do. What to do.

Hopefully the ebook would be much cheaper than print. But I understand the printing company has to get paid too.

Well, I found a few mistakes in the book that I need to correct, and my maps were very light, and not easy to see. I’ll have to try to darken them up a bit and see how that works. Some of the book cover was chopped of just a bit and, just a bit, went on the spine. Once I figure that all out, then I’ll have to pay for the $19.77 again to make sure the print comes out ok. And hopefully that will be for the final time.


What we do for self publishing.

Anyway, I also bought some T-Shirts and a cap, flyers and some posters, that I ordered from Vista Print where I uploaded my book cover. I also bought magnets with the book cover on it and that also had the 2009 calendar. I’ll send out the magnets to my family and friends along with my Christmas letter. It looks great! But it was a bit too long for a normal size envelope. Thank goodness it had a lot of white space where I just had to cut a bit of both ends and PRESTO it fits! The hubby bought me a nice cutter so that the lines would be straight. Cutting with scissors didn’t look so well. The magnets, however, were very easy to cut since they’re so thin, but not too thin to look cheap. They’re just right.

So, I’m off to figuring out more on getting my book to look better.

It was just so NEAT to see it in print though. The hubby said, “Wow. It looks like a real book!” And yes it did. The print was very nice! And to see it “looking like a real book…” what a wonderful feeling.

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