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Amazon! Here I am!

Hurray! I’m officially on Amazon!  So cool!

Price? Being self-published, Print-On-Demand, of course, price is high; and the same as on CreateSpace, $19.50, then you have to pay for shipping and handling. But hey, Amazon makes my book look legit.  Hmmm. Legit. That makes me want to sing.

Too legit… Too legit to quit (hey…hey…)
Too legit… Too legit to quit…(hey…)
Too legit… Too legit to quit (too legit…)
Too legit… too legit to quit…

LOL!  Ok. I’m overly happy right now. MC Hammer. Showing my age. Heh. Heh. But that should be the theme song for all of us Self-Publishers.  Takes a lot to do all this work, and putting in all this time, to make one’s dream come true.

I’m still considering Lightning Source. I know. I’m slow. But doing all of this work up til now (designing websites, uploading blog site, creating illustrations for my book, editing book, formatting book, updating website, updating website, updating website, research, research, research, research and more research), I guess I’m taking a little break. ‘Cause there’s a lot more to do!

My book on Amazon can be found here. I have to make sure to keep up with that link though. Never know when it might change or update.

Ok. I wanna go back to singing again. Heh. Heh.

Till Next time…!

Too legit… Too legit to quit (hey…hey…)
Too legit… Too legit to quit…(hey…)
Too legit… Too legit to quit (too legit…)
Too legit… too legit to quit…


CreateSpace is Finished! And More on MobiPocket and Amazon

Wow! I’m done!
CreateSpace was really helpful with that big ISBN mistake. PLUS, they put an ISBN barcode on the book themselves, where as with LuLu, I had to place a picture of the ISBN that I got from Tux. Tux’s barcode was a great picture and looked ok, but CreateSpace looked clearer when it printed out. Did I mention about getting a Barcode for free? Yep. It worked great. Now if it scans well, who knows. But my book isn’t in bookstores–just online.

CreateSpace had a message saying that it would take like 3 weeks or something for me to receive the proof of my book. It didn’t take that long at all! I ordered it on Jan 12th, and it came in by Jan 16th. Not bad at all! As for the cost of the proof. See below for my 447 page book. Oh! 448. CreateSpace added an extra page automatically because they need an even number of pages.
Order Total:
Subtotal: $10.46
Shipping: $6.55
Tax: $0.00
Total: $17.01

The price is cheaper than Lulu’s but the book itself is much more expensive to by off of their website: $19.50, and then there’s the shipping and handling to go along with it.


But at least it’s done.

Actually there wasn’t much different. The front cover of LuLu’s was a bit sharper for my bookcover. So I liked LuLu’s cover better, but you really can’t tell that much of a difference. (Oh yeah. The bookcover issue with CreateSpace. I just sent them the 6×9 pdf file that my book cover designer had create for me and they accepted that. It was great!) CreateSpace didn’t bleed slightly over from the front to the binding like LuLu, and the Title was printed in the middle of the Binder, whereas LuLu’s was more to the left edge and not centered. I think with LuLu that had something to do with my uploading my picture and doing that all myself. Oh well. It’s still decent.

I Like CreateSpace’s interior print. The paper is a bit darker than LuLu’s, but both LuLu and CreateSpace printed my illustrations wonderfully. CreateSpace did send me messages multiple times that the dpi of my interior pictures was 98 and that they suggest 300 dpi. Well, I couldn’t figure out how to change it, and since LuLu’s printed fine, I just said, “What the heck,” and I left it alone. Came out just the same!

My book on CreateSpace can be found here. Now when it shows up on Amazon, should be within 15 business days, is what the site says.

Amazon sent me an email (from to complete a form to allow my ebook to be sold on their site. So that will be the famous Kindle. The bad news is that you either have to fax the form to them or mail it in to Seattle, WA. I don’t have long distance on my phone, but I do have a fax machine, so I had to use 10+10+321 to fax it out which is 20cents per call. And I had to do it twice since my fax machine went haywire the first time. Even then, I’m not sure if my fax worked right to send it to them. My fax report said it went OK. But who knows. That was on Jan 11th. So I scanned the document that I signed and emailed digitalright to let them know that I did fax them the signed form and attached a pdf of the same form to the email. I sent that yesterday Jan 17th, so I’m sure I won’t get a response until one of the work days this week.

Well…since the prices on LuLu and CreateSpace, and I’m thinking even on Amazon when it gets there, is going to be high up there for people to buy my book, I’m thinking of looking into Lightning Source – The Power of One. I haven’t done much research on the company, but I did read that completing all of the criteria for them is a bit hard. But they have great Distribution resources. For Print-On-Demand they have: Ingram, Barnes & Nobles, Baker & Taylor, NACSCORP, and of course Amazon. And there there’s the UK places as well. So that will be 4 more places where my book can be sold besides Amazon.

So, I’m still debating on Lightning Source, but I’ll be sure to let you know of my decision. 🙂


So now from LuLu to CreateSpace. I created a login and password on CreateSpace

And I’m so glad I went ahead and got a DBA (“Doing Business As”), or in Houston it’s called “Assumed Name” and also opened a bank account with my pen name. With CreateSpace you’re gonna need one, plus your Tax-ID which can also be your Social Security Number, but your Bank Account paperwork will have the Tax-ID information on it.

BIG MISTAKE ON BOOK! CreateSpace sent me a message stating some errors on my book. For some ODD reason, I put in one ISDN number in the inside and a different number on the back cover of the book, the barcode, which was the correct one. I had to go back to BowerLink to find out which ISDN number I had used out of the block of ten that I purchased! I’m so glad CreateSpace caught that!!

Plus they said the resolution for my illustrations wasn’t strong enough. But I had it published on LuLu, so I don’t know what I should do about that. They didn’t say anything about the BookCover format, which I was a bit worried because the template they provide for the BookCover, after converting it to pdf, it had a huge white space around it. I couldn’t get it off. So I left it hoping that it would be ok. The 2nd mistake was that I didn’t upload that cover. I uploaded the book twice. DUH!. So I made the correction suggested (beside the dpi resolution of the pictures), updated the interior of the book with the CORRECT ISBN. Then I had to go back to Mobipocket, deactivate to re-upload of yet another file, and uploaded a new one with the correct ISBN number. I’m thinking CreateSpace might have a problem with the Book Cover. If so, I’ll just send the one I’ve uploaded for LuLu and see if that will work for them.


All in the fun of self-publishing! I tell ya!


The same day I did the Mobipocket thingy, I copyrighted my entire book. ELECTRONICALLY!! Before, I had to mail in a diskette and then years later a CD, I’ve copyrighted my writings and the price has gone from $25.00 to $35.00 to $45.00 and now electronically it’s back to $35.00. It was quite easy. I sent the entire .pdf file which included my illustrations and book cover. You just create a login and password on the eCo Online System. They have all the questions you need and I put in my credit card for the charge. All done! My books have all been copyrighted before (I lumped all my stories under one (1) copyright number to save money at the time, and decided to have separate one for each book later on) and, online, it has a Pre-register section and you can put your ID in it just to let them know you’ve done it already. But I did the copyright thing again, just so I can have a 2009 date for my book, to make it officially published for the New Year.

2009! Here it comes!

2009! and MobiPocket

2009! We’re here!
To be honest, it’s not going to be anything like the number 2010. But I’m just bias being that I’m a Sci Fi fan. Heh. Heh. Plus my 20 year high school class reunion will be that year–2010. Such a round number. Sigh. 20 year reunion. That’s gonna be interesting. My 10 year was definitely worth it. Plus with Facebook (a whole lot better than MySpace, in my opinion), and every month someone is logging in that I haven’t seen in 18-19 years pops in, I think the 20 year reunion might even have more people.

I started off the year updating my WordPress (it’s like the fourth time since I installed it), which took awhile, and cleaning up 500 Spam from my comments (I thought I had the protector on. I’ve activated it now and see if that helps), and calling 911 to have the police get a drunk out of a ditch on the side of the street (he could have gotten run over…passing out like that on the road…too much Merry I suppose, and a very sad way to start of the year) and being a good citizen, 2009 was pretty interesting.

Oh yeah. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’m sure 2009 now, like every new year, will have something different…that is if you want it to be. I sure my year will be quite interesing with this self-publishing thing.

Back to self-publishing!!


Here’s what I’ve been up to lately. MobiPocket The upcoming new age for books. The ebook! If you go to the main page (Home), down at the very bottom left, there’s a Publishers section, and you click on the “Welcome Page”. It took me a little while to figure out how to get my book on here, but I found it. Then it took me a bit to figure out how to upload. Once I figured that out and viewed my sample copy, I didn’t like it.

Oh. Let’s go back. Start from the beginning.

Everything is free! Which is exactly how I like it. I read the “Welcome Page” created a login and password by clicking the hyperlink “Publisher Application”. I removed my Paypal “Buy Now” button from my webpage since with Mobipocket, you’ll have to complete the “Publisher-Retailer Agreement” form. And that has to be mailed in or faxed in to Paris. Which is more money. So I just took off my Paypal “Buy” button. HOWEVER, Mobipocket uses Paypal to pay your royalties, which means my Business Account under Paypal would still be used.

I downloaded “Mobipocket Creator Publisher Edition” FREE, and then began my learning process. I had to figure out if I wanted to covert my book from the pdf file or the MS Word Document. Either way, I couldn’t SEE what it would look like in an ebook. You have to BUY that part. So what I did was search the site to find a sample of what it SHOULD look like before I upload it to the site. That took awhile to find. But here is how you find it. From the Welcome Page, if you click on any of the hyperlinks: “create or convert your Mobipocket eBooks” or ” Mobipocket cross-platform file format here,” on those pages, on the left-hand side, in the light blue section, there’s a string of other hyperlinks. Click on “Standard ebook” and scroll ALL the way down, you’ll see a Sample to download. It’s Alice in Wonderland. What a perfect example. It had images as well as a Table Of Contents. Perfect. So, I figured out that the entire book had to look like html format like the Alice in Wonderland example, and I made my book pattern to look like their Alice in Wonderland.

I changed my MSWord to html (just do a Save AS” and change the “Save As Type” field to “Web Page (*htm, *html).” I think this conversion recognizes the Page Breaks, so make sure you keep them between your chapters. All the rest of the formats (section breaks, margins, gutter space), you can get rid of and can change to a normal 8×10 paper, just like a normal document–but with a .htm file name instead of the .doc. Keep the Page Breaks though!

After making the htm document, I used the Mobipocket Creater to import. The section: “Import from Existing File” – “HTML document”. Once that’s done, it will create a file under the “Open Recent Publication” section. You’ll see that when you click HOME. But right after it imports, you’ll be directly in the file and on the left side, under the View column, highlighted would be “Publication Files”. So the file is imported. Then click on “Cover image” and upload the cover of your book. Make sure it’s a small size though. Mine was 52kb (Dimensions: 540×800), otherwise it won’t import the picture. I didn’t use Table of Contents, Guide or Book Settings. I had the Table of Contents I created directly in my MSWord document. Plus, I couldn’t’ find instructions on how to use Mobipocket ‘s. Then, I went straight to Metadata. I filled out the fields (make sure the Author filed is last name, firstname), and I put suggested retail price of 6.99, since most of the other books was that price as well. I put a check mark under “Adult only” for my book. Left the publication date, Demo PRC, and Territory Restriction fields blank

Make sure to press the Update button and Save button for each section.

Then on the very top (took me awhile to figure this one out), there’s a BUILD icon. Click that, and I used “Standard Compression” and “Content Encryption with DRM (Digital Rights Management)”, and then click the Build button. Once that’s done. Click the Deply icon of the very top, put in your login and password, and click “Deploy now” button on the very bottom.

And there you go.

Once uploaded, you login back into your account account and click the “Activate ebook,” put a checkmark on it, click the “Activate Selected ebook” which is at the top, light-blue section (that was hard to find), and your book is ready to buy…Immediately. After that, I downloaded Mobipocket eBook Reader 6.2 which is FREE, I just went to my book and downloaded a free sample.

Bad Side–I couldn’t delete the many attempts of uploading and not liking the way the sample look. I simply deactivated that, changed the “Title” to DO NOT USE.” I found out the reason you can’t delete is because if the book has sells, it has to be tracked. Also, for MobiPocket to recognize that you’ve uploaded a different file, make sure the htm file has a different name, otherwise it won’t take the changes.

To deactivate the book, you click “Browse all ebooks,” click your book and take off the checkmark on ” Activate for Retailers -” and this takes it off the shelf from being purchased/bought.

My book The Made: The Calling Series at Mobipocket is here

I still don’t quite like the way the sample looks with my pictures…but oh well.

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