So now from LuLu to CreateSpace. I created a login and password on CreateSpace

And I’m so glad I went ahead and got a DBA (“Doing Business As”), or in Houston it’s called “Assumed Name” and also opened a bank account with my pen name. With CreateSpace you’re gonna need one, plus your Tax-ID which can also be your Social Security Number, but your Bank Account paperwork will have the Tax-ID information on it.

BIG MISTAKE ON BOOK! CreateSpace sent me a message stating some errors on my book. For some ODD reason, I put in one ISDN number in the inside and a different number on the back cover of the book, the barcode, which was the correct one. I had to go back to BowerLink to find out which ISDN number I had used out of the block of ten that I purchased! I’m so glad CreateSpace caught that!!

Plus they said the resolution for my illustrations wasn’t strong enough. But I had it published on LuLu, so I don’t know what I should do about that. They didn’t say anything about the BookCover format, which I was a bit worried because the template they provide for the BookCover, after converting it to pdf, it had a huge white space around it. I couldn’t get it off. So I left it hoping that it would be ok. The 2nd mistake was that I didn’t upload that cover. I uploaded the book twice. DUH!. So I made the correction suggested (beside the dpi resolution of the pictures), updated the interior of the book with the CORRECT ISBN. Then I had to go back to Mobipocket, deactivate to re-upload of yet another file, and uploaded a new one with the correct ISBN number. I’m thinking CreateSpace might have a problem with the Book Cover. If so, I’ll just send the one I’ve uploaded for LuLu and see if that will work for them.


All in the fun of self-publishing! I tell ya!

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