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Book Cover Quotes In! and More Guru for new Editor

I got my quotes back on my book covers, and I’m so glad it’s within the budget.


So now I need to get an editor (or two) for the next two books: 1) Iridand 2) Ruby, Flesh & Heart. I’m going back to Guru to find another editor since the editor for my first book didn’t respond to my inquiries of continuing a relationship with my other four (4) books that I need edited. So, I’m back to the drawing board and finding another one.

It was a bit overwhelming using Guru the first time and some people can just be all out rude on that site. I understand that people have been mislead and projects not paid, but try to use some common sense or inquiries on the customer before you make judgements. My goodness! So, I’m not looking forward to trying to find another editor on the site. Prices and ranges are out there for my budget, but I’m hoping my word count for these next two books might be a little bit less expensive. Irid and Ruby, Flesh & Heart both have 75,000 words, which makes a total of 150,000 words. That is more words, put together, than my first book which had 130,000 words. But since it’s two books, I’ll be getting more done. We’ll see how much they will amount to.

I decided to put both projects in separately, which might bring the cost down…not sure. It will probably be up. Or may just be the same. I’m not sure if I want to work with two different editors on two different projects. The styles might be different. But then again, I might just find one and ask if they can do the other as well. We’ll see how it goes.

I looked into eLance as well and Googled about the two sites. I just basically got the idea that they were pretty much the same, but for those look to make money, eLance was more expensive, yet better quality of customers, than Guru. I didn’t see much on what customers have to say about the two sites, besides the freelancers saying that customers have posted the same projected on both sites sometimes. So I guess I’ll stick with Guru since that’s where I found two very good freelancers: my editor and my book cover illustrator.

Wish me luck!

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