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Publishing Two More Books Adventures…and the future

Hurray! I’m back on for Round 2 for my Books Irid and Ruby, Flesh and Heart.

The book covers are coming along FABULOUSLY, and I’ll put up the beginning and end process/pictures on my next post.

Also, I posted for a new Editor on Guru, and my old Editor saw it and said she was available. So yeah, I want to re-work with her! I had mentioned it to her before, but I wasn’t ready yet since I had to build up on the funds again. So, I just approved the projects to her and off we go!

I forgot about editing my bookcovers and the summary for those, so I re-posted for this other editor to take a look at it. I had liked his profile before my previous editor saw my posting, and he had a nice price, so I wanted to see how he looks at things. Next, I’ll have to contact my Illustrator and let her know that I forgot to get the back edited…duh! She had already done the color for Irid and it looks great! I had a few suggestions on what I wanted to add, so I’m excited about seeing how it will come out. I’ve seen the first draft for Ruby, Flesh and Heart and it looks great! I told my Illustrator that her work was BAD ASS!

My next two more books that are complete that I will need to do are: The 9th Symbol and Jetta. I’ll have to save up again after the current two projects are done, and the next thing would be to get back to writing on all the projects I’ve started but haven’t finished yet: Creations (3rd book Series in The Calling), Death First Rose, Feral Dance, and Elements. I also have the final and last book of The Calling Series that’s in my head that I haven’t even began on.

So, lots to do! Lots to do!

I’m hoping I can do all of this still, because back in December 2008, I found out that miraculously I’m pregnant! Being 37, I had given up on that dream 10+ years ago. I re-married in July 2008, and 4 months later, WHAM! I’m knocked up! 🙂 Funny how life has its way of letting you know when the “right time” is. When I was 12, and even when I was in college, I had stuff all planned out, but life is strange that way. What I had planned and what was actually SUPPOSED to happen was all on a different timeline. But I’m not complaining, not in one least bit. This IS the right time.

I have money, a house, a good husband, and a flexible job where all of my dreams can now come true.

Now to figure out how to change diapers…. Hmmmm….

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