The Book Cover for IRID is here!

Hurray! I guess going at this a 2nd time around is not as bad as the first. Time seems to fly by fast!
The only thing was I didn’t get my summary edited so I had a different editor work on that, just trying him out. But my designer was going on vacation in July so I had to just send what the new editor had, hoping it was good enough. If not, then I asked for a black back cover for my book, and I can add in the text myself. My Book Cover Designer was so helpful in that arena. She didn’t have to do that for me (she actually suggested blank since I wasn’t ready for my text yet, so I asked for both). I’m just placing the front cover of the book on here.

So here are the stages for my Irid Book.

Here’s the first draft, and I had NO problems with what I saw. It looked great!

Irid Sketch

Irid Sketch

Here’s the first color and my husband said it was bland somewhere and suggested to add stars. It was a great idea! See results of that small difference below. Also, the key had to be green instead of gold.

Irid First Color

Irid First Color

Here’s the final color. I had NO problems with what I saw, so I said YES!


That’s about it for Irid. Next post is the book cover for Ruby, Flesh and Heart!

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See the future post for The 9th Symbol steps.

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