CreateSpace — Proofs and Posts and Parenthood

Soooooo…. I have to buy my proof everytime I update the pdf file to the website on CreateSpace. Oh well. So far I’ve ordered 3 copies of Irid and 1 copy of Ruby, Flesh & Heart. And hopefully, I only have to order one copy each on my next round. Whenever I get to that…

I thought I posted something in July…oh well. Guess I didn’t. Being that it was my last month with my daughter in my belly, I must have missed it. Also, being that August is the first month of my daughter’s life, I haven’t been able to look at all the proofs I’ve ordered. So, it will be awhile before I can get a final result for my books and get them on Amazon. Such is life.

And as I type…I hear the baby crying (Thank Goodness for my Hubby!!). Parenthood…they say to enjoy everything and that time goes by so fast. But right now, with lack of sleep, nursing every 2-4 hours, barely able to eat and look decent (yep, I look like a hobo Mom right now), time seems to be going so, so, so, so, slow.

Here’s to my adventure into PARENTHOOD!! I can now see why, so far, you want to pull out your hair one minute and can’t help smiling at your offspring the next.

When I can get my time to myself, I’ll be able to get these books going. Here’s to next time…and hopefully soon if not sometime in September.

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