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I’m on Barnes & Noble, Inc !!

And so it begins!

Yep. I periodically do a search for “Zhollis” in google and also look at other book selling sites to see if my books made it there, and so it has. I’m on Barnes & Noble, Inc!!! It feels pretty good to be somewhere else besides Amazon. I’m not putting down Amazon at all it just that I like to see myself on other sites as well. And that’s what Lightning Source does for ya.

I don’t see Borders picking up any of my titles yet, but I’ll keep checking. Thanks to Mobipocket, I do see my books in several eBook selling sights. Unfortunately, Mobipocket isn’t taking any new authors anymore, but there’s still Amazon and their very popular Kindle that appears to bring back a readership again. And this is great for us writers :). I saw on a Tyra show (not that I watch that show, it just happened to be on. I don’t watch much TV. I’m a website viewer junkie) that Halle Berry loves her Kindle because she can jump around and read like 30 different books at a time, and she didn’t consider herself a book reader. But hey!, if more people are into eBooks and reading, all the better, I say!

That’s all I have to report thus far on my progress. I’m been busy raising the kid (6 months now) and have limited time on my other stuff, so the weekend is basically the only time I can get some “me stuff” in.

Until next time 🙂

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