Marketing on PrLog–Whatcha Think?

My PRLog Review….
So, I made the mistake on PRLog of marketing my books before I was really ready. I thought I could just update and resend out another marketing post later, but I didn’t read the rules. You can only market something ONE TIME. Which makes sense. I mean, you don’t want to see the same-ole-news-day-after-day now do you? So, what I’ve decided to do is that my next marketing on the site, I’ll be ready and refer to my previous books in my new “News” announcement.

You can see my PRLog marketing on my books here:

PrLog on Irid
PRlog on Ruby, Flesh & Heart
PrLog on The Calling Series: The Made

PRLog has an okay reporting system. It gives you Hits and the top 10 websites viewers came from to see the news, and Searched Words and Phrases (Ruby, Flesh and Heart got keywords: Cinderelaa, story, and kazakhstan??. The other two books didn’t display anything), and a chart that shows the activity for each day for last 40 days (The height of the bars corresponds to number of visitors).

So, I’m gonna definitely use PrLog again. And Hey! It’s free!!

And yes, of course, I’m procrastinating on my Marketing. Just like I was procrastinating on whether I wanted to use Lightning Source or not, and sending my book out for book reviews. Now the Marketing…I just need to do more research. The book reviews…I’m just plain terrified of those! I know it has to be done, but…you’s just PLAIN SCARY! I mean, what if they think it’s horrible! Can I take it? I mean, I’ve been in critique groups, but that was different. I knew I needed to make some updates and wanted the thoughts, feelings and ideas. Plus, I’ve built relationships with those who critiqued my work. But just sending it out and seeing what others have to say? Just too creepy and scary!

So, I guess you wondering about my confidence in my work. Well, I think it’s entertaining and pretty good, but for the masses, I just have to wait and see. You know you have your typical friends and family that tell you they like what you wrote (and my editor enjoyed them), and then there’s the ABSOLUTE STRANGER’S OPINION. Now THAT’S what I’m actually waiting for…and terrified of.

Yeah. Yeah. It has to be done, and I’ll do it, really. I just need to sucker myself up to it. LOL!

Until next time!

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