I’m now on Borders!!

I’ve been checking Borders ever so often to see if my books finally made it there and they finally are!

Man, that took some time. I was on Barnes and Nobles in February and now I just looked and I’m on Borders website now. COOL!!

I don’t know what the process is for getting on these sites, only that Lightning Source definitely has a part on it. To really find out, I would have to become more active in how this publishing stuff works, but oh well. At the moment, don’t have the time and things seem to be progressing well as I sit and wait. The forefront of doing of the work I needed to do (which as A LOT of man hours), I think, is gradually being paid off. At least for me. Sometimes you just have to tip the ball to get it rolling. Sometimes you have to give it a huge shove! But for now, I’m sitting on the sidelines and waiting until I have the time to get those hours back into the game.

But to look today and see my books finally one Borders… Priceless! 🙂

Until next time.

One Response to “I’m now on Borders!!”

  1. Hello Deanna, I just surfed onto your blog doing a search for Lightning Source. This blog is great, especially the way you outlined the steps to becoming a self pubbed author. I’m in the process of getting my book self pubbed too and your blog gave me some new things to think about it.

    I have to seriously consider getting a pen name and a bank account for that name now. That’s a pretty good idea, I have to go talk that over with my bank.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your blog and thanks for the advice/info. It does help!

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