How To Animate Your Book Covers

So, in the forums, I saw someone’s signature with their book covers moving from one to the next. I’ve been trying to found out how to do that in html, so I sent the author a private message. The key word he gave me so that I could do it:

animated gif


YEAH! I love it when I learn a new thing! I didn’t know WHAT it was that people were doing to make their book covers flash around.

He said he used Photoshop. And you know me…! I went searching on how to do it with the freeware Gimp. Sure enough, there’s a quick and dirty way to achieve it.

1) Open each of your book cover images using FILE > OPEN AS LAYER
2) Rename each Layer like so: frame 1(2000ms)….frame 2(2000ms)…..frame 3(2000ms) by Right-Clicking and selecting Edit Layer Attributes. If you don’t see the Layer window, just go to LAYERS > RECENTLY CLOSED DOCKS > LAYERS, CHANNELS…


3) Resize each book to be the same size: IMAGE > SCALE IMAGE (I set mine to 546 width and 828 height pixels. NOTE: Whatever size that you use, it must STAY that size for the animation to work. If you try to resize it like a normal picture…it won’t work. So, think of what size you want the animated gif ahead of time.)
4) Take a peek on how it will look by going to FILTERS > ANIMATION > PLAYBACK (Note: If it’s playing to fast or too slow for you, just increase or decrease the ms number of the layer’s file name)
5) Then do the: FILTERS > ANIMATION > OPTIMIZE FOR GIF (this will open a new window)
6) SaVE AS a GIF file and Click SAVE AS ANIMATION when prompted
7) Save the other window as the Gimp file .xcf for updates later on


I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet on my web page. I mean, I got a hint I’ll use it on the first page of my webpage when I get more of my Calling Series up and then link the image to a Calling Series Book page or something. For now, I just stuck it somewhere on my webpage because I like it (here).

Oh yeah! You can only add ONE hyperlink to the picture. It’s like any other image. So, you can’t put a separate hyperlink for each book image. Now THATS’s what I really would like to do, but I’m sure that’s some kind of movie/image file like I did for my pictures on my website. But that took a lot of work initially. This animated gif stuff was EASY!

Then I updated my blog with it! That’s it on the Right. I use to have it up TOP on my header and had to change my style sheet #header section of the CSS from the imageheader.jpg to imageheader.gif and upload my picture. I just edited over the .jpg file for the header in Gimp, making sure I kept the same sizes (i.e. height, width). I think it looks cool!

Until next month!

2 Responses to “How To Animate Your Book Covers”

  1. Ariel G says:

    Hi Deana,

    It’s Ariel G from AW, I can’t believe these two websites that you’ve got going! Amazing! Thought I’d drop by because I’ve been doing a lot of work on my blog, and, finally realized I hadn’t made your sites (or anyone else’s I like) “public”, so, if you go in there now your two sites are named on the “blogs I follow.” I can’t believe the things I’m learning just by learning about my first blog. Anyway, hope you had a fancy and wonderful 4th. Hope you get this message. That e-mail up top isn’t real, but I never know when a site can crash and info exposed…so I just typed a fake one in there (you have my real yahoo one). Hope all is well, and, what’s this about a new book called the 9th that you have!? I’ve got a lot of reading to do on your sites…you are a wealth of information! –Hey I haven’t posted anything on AW, my heart’s not there like when I first became a member and was excited–thought it was a real community, writers helping writers…and really helping. But glad you and I get to “talk.”

  2. Would you be able to make my book move? It’s a children’s book. Can you please email me so we could discuss more?

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