Who are the Sons of God?

Of course I have to put my two cents in for the


So, I did some digging around and found the story for the Sons of God (which, I think, is related to the 2012 Mayan Calendar).

There’s one book that explains exactly who the Sons of God are, and I’ve summed it up for you in context with the Nephilim, X-men and the Cookie Monster.
Sons Of God
Yep, got more theory/thoughts posted up, from me the “Heathen” (heh. heh. as some call it, but this research has actually strengthen my faith, and I’m just telling it as written. Not making anything up accept my opinion of what it means…and EVERYONE is putting their opinion on what all this means). It’s all about that mysterious question and a story that not that many people have heard about.

Take a look when you have a few days of time (it’s long too, just like my other thoughts about the past, Adam and Eve and Stephen King 🙂 ): Who are the Sons of God?

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2 Responses to “Who are the Sons of God?”

  1. oscar says:

    Loved your writing on Sons of God…. You are a smart cookie. Thanks

    • deana72 says:

      Smart cookie? ::blushes:: How sweet! Thank you for reading 🙂

      I took a peeksie at your blog. Pretty neat thoughts! I enjoyed them.

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