The 9th Symbol on Paperback & The Made on B&N & Rise of the Apes

Okay, so I’m late putting The Made on Barnes and Noble. I had wanted to look over it some more…but…my waiting on doing that was a bit long. I figure I might as well upload it just like it’s uploaded to Amazon. Heck, it’s selling on Kindle, so might as well make it available on the Nook.

Also, I’ve uploaded The 9th Symbol to CreateSpace, using the file template I downloaded from Lightning Source for the book cover pdf file. I looked over the proof–and it’s BEAUTIFUL! My Book Cover Designer used the file and made my pdf cover for me. The paperback is now available on Amazon. I’ve decided to wait on uploading to Lightning Source since I’m not particularly getting any finances from those sources yet (yeah, yeah, I’m stalling again with Lightning Source like before). I’m only been getting my small potatoes of money from my Kindle sells–enough to buy me lunch, but hey, it was better than nothing (and nothing was 2009 AND 2010) and I’ve got people I don’t know buying my books. I’m pretty excited about that; and thus I’ve met my goals to get readers :)!

Now to get more readers and keep them? I’m working on Creations and finishing that one. Jetta is already finished. I just have to look over Jetta again, and I’m still using Book 2–Jetta to correlate with Book 3–Creations. When will book 2 and book 3 be done for The Calling Series? I have no idea. I get blocks of time to write, here and there, between a 12 hour day of work and commuting and raising, my now, two year old daughter.

On the weekends, I just want to rest and watch movies and try to catch up on my TV shows–online streaming; as well as rummage around on the internet and try to find some other socializing site I can get into that would be fun (putting my URL in my profile and using my pen name as a login-id for those who are interested in knowing who I am).

And, oh, by the way, I MUST say Rise of the Planet of the Apes …IS AWESOME!!! My husband and I went to see it while the toddle was with kinfolk, and it just BLEW ME AWAY! I LOVE, absolutely love, a great story line filled with emotion, characters to connect with and action and…did I saw STORY! What a story! I think it’s up there with all my other loves of Sci Fi: King Kong (2005), Dark Crystal, Fantastic Planet, Legend, Avatar–The Last Air Bender, Claymore, Farscape etc. etc.

I know people are tired of remakes and rehashing of older films; especially authors feel this way, and screenwriters, who have other ideas that could be incorporated and made into movies–but this one ROCKED!

Occasionally new things come out, like The Matrix and Inception and Push, but it’s a big risk for film makers. I think they think we want to stay with what we know. It’s where the money is. And it worked before.

So, that’s where we Indies come in to mix things up a bit–to bring out those unique things that people seek. Thinks like INK.

Science Fiction and Fantasy films are just getting better and better, especially with CGI in the mix. I’m in love, and so happy to be in the time and age that these things can become “real”…at least on screen :).

I don’t expect my books to get on the big screen, just not that type for films, you know? It would be nice to see it, but that would be like making Octavia Butler’s book Dawn on screen. And I’m not sure how the film makers would go about creating it…with bypassing, you know, “those scenes”.

Anyway, I digress. The books are up, and I need to get back to more books stuff that I need to do.


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