Take A Break

After getting that book novel completed, we research about how to find readers. Then we get into marketing and using the social network. Sometimes, we get hung up and forget the small, itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny thing that … we are writers.

Take a break.

And then go back into writing.

That’s what I’m doing now, but unfortunately for me, it’s a “forced” break meaning recovery time from surgery. This also means, once I can get up to more physical strength, I’ll be getting…MORE WRITING TIME!

I’m expecting to get a lot more writing in, more than normal, since my mental state won’t be, and now isn’t, bogged down with my mental stress of my day job. I’m already feeling the relief of not having to get up at a certain time and having to do that 45 min to 1 hr commute. And then there’s the mental stress of programming, troubleshooting, customer service and the basic IT stuff that goes on every day. That mental stress is ALL GONE.

I read a post at The Writer’s Guide To ePublishing, and it was entertaining regarding the definition the author came up with for those who promote, promote, promote. She called them: Promobots. Prombot. It was pretty funny, and it’s funny because it hurts with truth. We become robots to this marketing and forget all the joy and fun of the creativity. That’s why some authors still choose to go the trade route path instead of self-publishing because they think they don’t have to do anything else but write (which I hear is wrong, but I don’t know. I’ve never been trade published before).

So, it’s Break Time.

It’s good to step away and then you get a better prospective of things. It makes things fresh and new again.

And fresh and new is ALWAYS exciting. Get back into that adventure.

Until Next Time!

2 Responses to “Take A Break”

  1. Hope you are doing well. And lots of positive energy to you for getting that writing done. I agree that one can get lost in marketing. It seems to be a never ending chore.
    I, myself, have taken a break from marketing. I don’t know if that is wise or not, but I am determined to concentrate most of my energy on writing, after all, I am a writer.
    What happens to my stories once they are published will have to be left to the universe to do with as it pleases. Once my books are written and published, I am no longer in control of them. Happy writing in the days ahead and more positive energy.

    • deana72 says:

      Thanks for sending positive energy. I’m definitely needing it during my healing weeks.

      It does get a bit scary to “let go” and not keep looking at website statistics and purchase numbers or lack of either, which makes you think you should market MORE! It’s a vicious cycle! LOL! I’m actually feeling pretty good getting back to what I enjoy…writing. I missed it. I definitely miss the feeling of COMPLETION! which is coming very soon for my 3rd book of my Calling series.

      And as we write, we can just hope the universe will be kind and send a shooting star our way :).

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