The Book Cover for Jetta Is Here!!!

So, yep, I’ve been on hiatus working on my 2nd and 3rd books of The Calling Series, as well as taking vacation and just taking an overall break. And, YES! I’m so Excited!!!! Jetta, Book 2, of The Calling Series has the book cover completed!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Below are the stages of development.


So, first, there’s the sketch draft….

I needed to move two characters around, placing the smiling one in the middle. She made those change and sent me color.


The other change was that I had to add the word “Series” to the subtitle and remove the face of the red cloak. And there was also something very else…. I mean, it looked good, but it was missing something… Hmmm… What? What was it missing?

I thought about my other book cover, Irid, and remembered it was missing something too, and the hubby suggested putting some stars in the darkness between the colors and that brought out that book cover and it was amazing! Just that little bit of something…. And then I had it. LIGHTS. I told her rope lights, like back in the 1970s, or something like that, but not too cheezy. Some kind of electricity to make the metal shine. And so she did something better.



I was so very please with this cover. And I didn’t think I could be so happy about every single one of my covers, but I am.
It’s a wonderful feeling to be very happy about your product and not having to “settle” for something you’re just not quite satisfied with. It’s just wonderful!

I’m done with most of the setup for Jetta to be published, but I had to have one final thing to add. A MAP!

I made a little sketch of a map and sent it to my cover designer and asked for something better.

She came back with a black map that just blew me away! But I also needed a map for the interior of my book. So she made that one too.


calling map book version

And there you have them!
All these pictures just make me want to sing, I tell ya!

Next is the Book Cover for Creations. I can’t wait!

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Until Next Time!

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