Writer’s Block and Getting UnStuck

JoyofWritingYep, I’m one of those bad writers that seem to not write when she’s suppose to. I’m supposed to complete one (1) novel a year, but here it is, going into October, and I haven’t written anything!!

I’ve kind of worked on editing some older work, but that was only a few times this year. Ok. Ok. Just three (3) times this year I’ve looked at the novel which has fifteen (15) chapters and I’ve edited up to Chapter 10–on three different days.

I’m pitiful!!

I wish I was all HAPPY about writing like the woman on this blog picture, but I’m not. And what gets me even more depressed is that I know my writing skills, with every day of NOT writing, is going down the tubes!!

So… I went online to figure out how to get me back into writing.

A few things suggested were:

  • Take a break
  • Read a Book
  • Attend writing functions
  • Join a Critique Group
  • Write fun stuff!

I think my break is Loooooong enough.
I did read a book. Sex Zombies was a fun read.
I attend the Houston Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers monthly dinner via Meetup.com
I don’t have a Critique Group anymore

And writing FUN stuff? Uh, duh. I DON’T WANT TO WRITE!

Thus…sigh…I still don’t write.

My next thing was to go to Google for MORE help!

I love the writing contests that give either a topic or provide a small portion of the story that should be used in your story. One of them is WriterWeekly’s 24-Hour Contest. The story has to be completely written within a certain time frame, like 24-hours, and thus the story becomes unique and original. This site you have to pay $$ for though….

I also love NaNoWriMo which happens during the month of November, where you have to type 1667 words a day to meet the 50,000 word count by the end of the month.

I’ve heard of other writers talk of Write or Die where, on a serious level, the program starts deleting what you write if you procrastinate too long. The Web App is free, but for $10.00 you can buy a desktop version.

If you like pictures of kittens, after so many written words, you can have a cute cat pop up every time you meet your writing goal word count. Written? Kitten! is the place for that.kittens

Lots of fun stuff on the internet for online tools to boost those creative juices!

Hopefully something will help you if you’re in the same mess as I am. As for me, I’m still trying…..

I think I’ll wait until November. Hmmmm.

Until Next Time!!

3 Responses to “Writer’s Block and Getting UnStuck”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t despair. Not long ago I went through a ten year dry spell as far as fiction went. For the first few years I wrote nothing, then I got involved with a local paper and wrote articles. I then got a job writing commercials. Still had no desire to write fiction. Then I retired and even then never wrote for three more years. It was when I heard of Smashwords that I decided to hone my old novels into shape and publish them.
    I got so excited about this that I moved on to Amazon. And believe it or not, my desire to write opened up and I began to write a sequel to one of my older novels. It just kept going from there.
    I wouldn’t say I am in a writing slump right now, but I also have a novel I want to get started on. It is part of a series and the next to come along. I just can’t seem to get started on it. I also have two other novels almost complete that have just been sitting since way last winter. Of all the things you mentioned above to help kick start the writing spirit, I believe I would try reading a book again. Next time pick a book that you think you will love, something maybe along the lines of what you write or a genre that you love to read or an author that you love. I often find that when I am reading along enjoying a book that an idea will just suddenly pop in my head. And I will start with the what ifs. Sometimes I have to leave my reading and go jot down my idea and sometimes I stay there and continue writing. After all the reading can wait, right? Hope something works for you soon, but I have a feeling that you are obsessing too much on it, feeling guilty that you aren’t beginning that book and the anxiety is holding you back. Sometimes force is necessary. lol. Just sit down and start writing…anything that comes in your head. I actually love writing blindly, I call it. Just let the words tumble out not thinking about what they mean or what the plot is, see where it takes you. Good luck and you WILL write again, sooner or later. I love your posts by the way.

  2. The above anonymous is from me. I hit the submit button before I saw I had to fill in the info.

    • I think you’re right. I do keep thinking of what I’m “not doing”. And I keep thinking I need to do something “productive”.
      Blind writing, huh? I like the sound of that!

      I’m sure it will come. It always does. Heck! I was even able, finally, to write a post! LOL!!

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