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Made more updates to my website. I wanted to convert the excerpts of my books to a “flip page” type of style. I found two sites which I tried out.

I tried this site first:CodeBox, which converted my PDF file to a Flash file automatically and it was …you know me… FREE!

But my problem was that there was a wide open space and, when you zoom in, you have to move the entire page all over the place to read it. I then played around with the settings and came up with: Page width 150, Page Height 297, Preset Standard A4. That got rid of the big space. I also found out that you can’t double-click and open the index.html file while it’s still zipped, or you’ll get the error below on the webpage. So make sure you unzip before you try it out.

PDF2FlashPageFlip Book
To view the book, you need the latest Flash player.

I then found this site Flip Builder. And it looked pretty good. Yes, I had to wait a bit for it to be emailed back to me (a few hours and one the next day), but it looked just like I wanted for a software that’s FREE. When you zoom in, you still have to move the entire file, but I liked the the “flip-page” sound and the many button options on the bottom. It also displays how many pages are in the file. NOTE: IT WILL ONLY ALLOW YOU TO LOAD 20 PAGES!! But 20 Pages was enough for me for an excerpt of my books. The maximum size for CodeBox is 10 Megabytes, so my novel, The Made, which is 1.75 Megabytes and 448 Pages, will fit.

With both options, you can rename the index.html file to whatever name you want and it will work. You really need to do this because your website already has a “index” file, so make sure to rename.

Here’s another application which I ran across while viewing other author blogs. I haven’t played with it myself, but it does have some nice features. Also the flip page part is FREE. So check out BookBuzzr as well.

So, you wanna see my pages flip? Take a look! And click on Excerpt to view the books.

Researching about your website, you should always keep it fresh and not let it sit like a brochure. Always update. But I keep trying to make improvements and so that’s why I do it. 🙂

And if you don’t want to bother with the PDF flip stuff, just remember that Kindle has a sample option you can turn on for your novels, and Smashwords (my book links below) has an online Preview.

Until Next time!

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